Whistleblowers Protection

Unlawful activities and abuse of law may occur in any organisation, whether private or public, big or small. They can take many forms: corruption, fraud, business malpractice or negligence. And if they are not addressed, it can result in serious harm to the public interest as well as to the organisation’s reputation.

People who work for an organisation or are in contact with it in their work-related activities are often the first to know about such occurrences and are therefore in a privileged position to inform those who can address the problem.

Whistleblowers, i.e. persons who report information about wrongdoing in a work-related context, help to prevent damage and detect threat or harm to the public interest that may otherwise remain hidden.

We in Zentiva believe that a qualified investigation and response to such reports helps us to prevent and ensure a proper reaction to such unlawful activities. That’s why Zentiva introduced the Zentiva Speak Up initiative.

In 2019, The European Union adopted a Directive on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law (as of 23 October, 2019, no. 2019/1937, hereinafter the “Directive”). This Directive provides whistleblowers with slightly different protection than the Zentiva Speak Up initiative and whistleblowers’ protection under the Directive is thus implemented separately with respect to applicable laws of the countries where Zentiva is present.

Please find the list of Zentiva affiliates which are subject to EU whistleblowers’ protection under the Directive:

If you cannot find a particular Zentiva affiliate in the list above, it means that the affiliate is outside the scope of EU whistleblowers’ protection under the Directive (e.g. due to number of employees being below 50).

If you cannot find the LINK for the respective Zentiva affiliate in the list above, the related page for the Whistleblowers Protection is under reconstruction. Nevertheless the whistleblowing platform is available here.

Please note, that whistleblowers’ protection is only granted when the report is made through the internal reporting channel of the respective legal entity. Therefore, please make sure you are using the right reporting channel. In case you make the report to an entity not concerned by the report we can neither investigate nor forward the report to the right entity. In that case, we will not evaluate the report. The confidentiality of your report will not be compromised and we will inform you that the report will not be investigated further.

Please NOTE, that THIS IS NOT AN ACCESS TO ZENTIVA SPEAK UP initiative. If you wish to make a report outside of scope of EU Whistleblowers protection [(e.g. reports outside of the whistleblowers protection, anonymous reports in some countries, etc.)], we encourage you to use Zentiva Speak Up initiative, which you can find here.