Speak Up initiative

This Platform was established to report actual or suspected violations of laws, Zentiva´s Code of Ethics, internal rules and ethical principles and to raise concerns and questions related to compliance; and with a further aim to take the required actions to mitigate the potential or the actual risk, to protect the company and individual employees.

We in Zentiva believe that a qualified investigation and response to such reports helps us to prevent and ensure a proper reaction to such unlawful activities. That’s why Zentiva introduced the Zentiva Speak Up initiative.

In 2019, The European Union adopted a Directive on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law (as of 23 October, 2019, no. 2019/1937, hereinafter the “Directive”). This Directive provides whistleblowers with slightly different protection than the Zentiva Speak Up initiative and whistleblowers’ protection under the Directive is thus implemented separately with respect to applicable laws of the countries where Zentiva is present.

Please note, that THIS IS NOT AN ACCESS TO ZENTIVA internal reporting channel implemented according EU Directive.

If you wish to report a breach and use an electronic form according to the Directive and its local implementation, you can find the link here.

Please, keep in mind that your report within the Speak Up line WILL NOT be considered and handled as a report made within Zentiva Whistleblowers protection internal reporting system and you WILL NOT enjoy the protection under the Whistleblower protection laws.

This is not an emergency service. Do not use the Platform to report events presenting an immediate threat to life, property, or the environment.

The operational steps thereto related, including the investigation of the speak-up itself, are done primarily in-house, either by the Compliance Department or other relevant departments in line with the applicable legislation and internal processes.

By following the link below, you will be redirected to the Platform, where the speak-up form is available.

How to use Zentiva´s Speak Up line

The Platform (including voice recording)

Zentiva´s Speak up Line – the Platform - is technically operated by FaceUp Technology s.r.o., via cloud solution. Please note, that FaceUp Technology s.r.o. has no access to the content of your report nor to the information you share with us or your identity.

The information you decide to share with us will be further processed in a confidential manner.

Zentiva is committed to protect reporters from retaliation for reporting, in good faith, what you believe to be a breach. Retaliation is strictly prohibited.

The courage to speak up represents the foundation to building trust internally and externally.

In certain cases, we may be required to report findings of the speak-up investigation to official authorities, such as the criminal investigation bodies.

How to use the speak-up form:

The form is user friendly, you only need to select the category and legal entity. All relevant information that relate to the concern shall be filled to the field „More Information“.

Please provide us with all possible details of the concern, for example:

  • the matter and scope
  • date
  • time or period
  • place
  • why and how you think the breach occurred
  • involved persons – witnesses
  • if anyone from Zentiva is aware of the issue and can provide further information
  • how did you become aware of the issue
  • was the issue solved already with someone else
  • any other information that could be valuable for the investigation

Instead of writing you can also use voice recording. In case you decide to do so, please be informed that your voice will be altered. Please, follow the instructions provided by the Platform, it is user friendly. (Instead of writing you speak and the recoding is saved in the form).

  • Once you add all details (written or via voice recording) in the form, you will be assigned a unique code – the report key.
  • Write down your report key and keep it in a safe place. Do not share it with us. In case you share the code with any third person, confidentiality of your report may be endangered.
  • Use your report key to check your report for feedback or further questions.
  • In case you lose the report key, you will have to fill in the form again to get a new report key. In such a case, please inform us in the text field, that you are following up an already raised concern (you do not have to fill in all details again, but please give us some information regarding the topic of the already raised concern).

Once Zentiva provides feedback, you can find it only in the Platform, using your report key.

If you want to be informed automatically about any changes related to your concern, you can fill in the e-mail address in the respective field (not in the text field). This e-mail is used only for sending reminders from the Platform, in case anything changes. Such a reminder will be sent from NNTB<info@nntb.cz >.

The link you receive within such an email will redirect you to the main landing page of the Platform, where you must select the “My Organization” field and enter the access code aa0aaa0aaa. Only then you will return to the page that requires you to enter the report key.

The page where you insert the report key can be accessed via the link on this page as well by clicking on the "Check a Report" button on the left.

If you want to use a Speak Up Line, please use THIS LINK.

Other compliance and Speak-Up line contacts:

phone no.: +420 267 242 440

Zentiva Group, a.s.
Head of Compliance
U Kabelovny 529/16
102 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic

Instructions in other languages are available below or on the relevant local webpage

Speak Up line in other countries
(see below or open local www pages of other Zentiva affiliates)