Our Commitments


Our missions and our values

Zentiva is a leading developer and supplier of high-quality affordable prescription medicines and consumer brands. As Zentiva grows more people get the medicine they need. Our business is built on trust and responsibility with the patient at the heart of everything we do. Zentiva has established 6 shared SuperpowerZ which frame the values and behaviours we expect of our team and how we will build a healthy business that we can all be proud of.

Our business ethics commitment

Zentiva already has a strong reputation as a fully compliant and trusted partner. In 2021 we have refreshed our Code of Ethics and extended the translation into 22 languages. The mandatory trainings in the company are extensive. All employees are included in the training with tests for understanding being completed each time. The operational compliance of the business is reviewed regularly by the Compliance Committee and subsequently with the Advisory Committee, while the financial, legal and tax compliance is reviewed by the Audit Committee and is subject to an independent audit by Ernst & Young. Read our Code of Ethics.

Our role as responsible citizen

At Zentiva, we see us as an integral part of the future, and we are aware of our responsibility. Every decision we take is impacting the future, therefore we act already today to ensure a sustainable tomorrow - a tomorrow where everyone has the right to receive the medicines they need. We are committed to care for our people and the people we serve, our partners and our planet. Learn more about our Corporate Citizen Strategy Corporate Citizen Strategy.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe our diversity is a source of great energy and strength. Everyone should feel welcomed in our company, be able to be their true selves and contribute to the best of their ability. Zentiva has already progressed but has more work to do to ensure we correctly represent how people self-identify. As part of our gender diversity commitment, we want to achieve a 50:50 gender balance across managerial roles and top leadership roles by 2026. Discover more about our commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Human Rights & Anti-Modern Slavery

Zentiva respects and supports the protection of human rights across our business operations extending downstream to the actions and practices of our partners and upstream through our supply chain and sourcing network as embedded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Zentiva is committed to upholding the labour standards as set out by the International Labour Organization, and to being in full compliance with local labour law. We expect every team member to respect human rights as described in our Code of Ethics. We compensate our employees fairly based on market norms and in line with legal requirements for wages and social benefits. We respect children’s right to education and their personal development and will not permit employment below minimum working age. Our employees have the right to choose whether to be part of a labour union, a working council, or another framework for collective bargaining. We work side by side with the representatives to achieve the best outcome for our people and our company.
Discover more information about our commitment Human Rights and Anti-Modern Slavery

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

Zentiva has a zero-tolerance position against corrupt practices in all its interactions and business activities. We have established a policy and guidance for all Zentiva employees and third parties interacting with our company, such that we comply with all Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Laws whilst promoting a culture of ethics and integrity. You can read more in our Antibribery Policy.

Due Diligence

Zentiva only teams up with third parties who are qualified, reputable and who comply in full consistency with our values and principles. Zentiva’s Due Diligence process ensures that relevant information is reviewed and properly taken into account in the process of engaging, selecting, and assessing third parties – linked also to our Programme of Responsible Sourcing.

Read the Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

Strategic Stakeholder Engagement & Materiality

With reference to the GRI standards, we consider:
- Financial Materiality (how the changing environment and society may affect our financial performance) and
- Environmental/Social Materiality (how Zentiva is affecting the environment and society).

Zentiva operates within a network of partnerships. The continuous dialogue with our internal and external stakeholders provides valuable insights into emerging trends, risks, opportunities and expectations. This insight generation and review is framed within our materiality analysis. The identified risks are included in our Risk Management Dashboard (RMD) and reviewed with our Board and Executive Committee such that we can consolidate, prioritize, take action and monitor our progress as part of our Sustainability roadmap. are attached here.

In 2021 the results of our materiality analysis were assessed in partnership with S&P utilizing their ESG self-audit framework. Indeed the self-audit process engaged 6 members of the Zentiva Executive Committee (CEO, CFO, Head of Legal, Head of Strategy & Transformation, Head of Corporate Affairs & HR and Head of Industrial Operations) across a six-month period to comprehensively review all our existing sustainability initiatives, to assess our strengths and to identify areas to improve. This was managed by a dedicated Project Management Office. While Zentiva benchmarked well against leading industry peers, ranking within the top 15%, it is also clear that we have a strong commitment to do more and that the next major steps will require a number of process technology breakthroughs to cut the level of usage of fossil fuels in our industrial operations.

Some examples of areas we regularly assess for materiality include supply security and overall supply chain sustainability, product development and launch management, cyber security risk, business disruption due to Covid 19 pandemic, climate change risk, independence of supply, and integration of acquisitions. In several of these areas we have clearly defined targets and regularly assess where we currently stand. For example, we aspire to achieve a Customer Service Level of 97% and our current level is 96%. Other metrics we track for example on the product development and launch area include Share of Sales from new launches, Market share of new launches, Loss of Exclusivity (LOE) coverage.

Global Tax Policy

As an international pharmaceutical group, we are aware of our social and economic impacts as well as our corporate and social responsibilities towards the countries and communities within our operational perimeter, including our role as a taxpayer contributing a fair share of taxes to the budgets of countries in which we operate. These include corporate income taxes, local business taxes, property taxes as well as various payroll taxes, value added taxes, sales taxes, excise and customs duties. Learn more about Zentiva’s Global Tax Policy.

HSE Policy

At Zentiva we are ensuring that we have safe conditions in all our premises. Our HSE policy establishes a framework based on our  commitment to continuous improvement, elimination of risks and    protection of Zentiva employees, the business, external partners, surrounding communities and environment. We are dedicated to building a strong HSE culture where everyone is aware of their responsibilities in preventing accidents, avoiding health risks, and reducing environmental impacts.

Speak up

Zentiva encourages its people and partners who interact with Zentiva to speak up in case of actual or suspected misconduct or any compliance questions. All information implied therein, inclusive but not limited to personal data, collected directly from an identified or an identifiable reporter, or from anonymous sources, shall be treated confidential and in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available under: zentiva.com/gdpr/privacy-notice. Zentiva is committed to prevent retaliation of good faith reporters.

Contact our official Speak-Up line here. Letters can be also sent to:

Zentiva Group, a.s.
Head of Compliance
U Kabelovny 529/16, Prague 10
Czech Republic