We Care

’We care’ is synonymous with the execution of our Sustainability Strategy. We focus on our three pillars and are committed to care for our people and the people we serve, for our partners and for our planet.

handsWith our governance implemented, led at the executive level of the company, we are proud to have established Zentiva’s Sustainability Strategy with its short, mid and long-term goals following the principles of E (Environmental), S (Social) and G (Governance). Coming from deep analysis of de- fining our materiality and studying risk, we implement the roadmap towards a sustainable future.

It is well understood that the growth of global economies and the industrialization are directly impacting the future of our planet. We agree with the goals of the Paris Agreement that is addressing the climate change and is placing the temperature increase by 2050 to no more than 1,5 degrees Celsius. We believe that everyone needs to contribute to their best abilities, being united on one goal: We want to ensure that future generations can enjoy life as much as we do.
Being a manufacturer of high-quality and affordable medicines, Zentiva is generating carbon emissions and is aware of its impact on the environment. We want to undertake the challenge and play a vital role by joining the global movement and actions to reverse climate change that can save our planet. These thoughts are the foundation of our climate strategy that is guiding us.

We put Sustainability as an integrated and fundamental part of our Business strategy. We believe that with the right governance and transparent ethical and compliant standards, we can make the difference. At the core of our work lies the risk and materiality assessment that sets the scene for Zentiva.

Read more about our sustainability strategy, as well as about the projects and actions undertaken across Zentiva on Sustainability page.