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November 9, 2022    /    2022

Zentiva opens its doors for the young talents of the Big Step project

Prague – 9 November 2022 Zentiva, one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Czech Republic, has joined the Alliance for Youth to strengthen the support for young people and help them navigating their career. In November, the Big Step Project will be realized, that is allowing university students to see different companies and different industries from the inside. This year’s topic will be Digitization. Zentiva has been supporting young talents also through internships and partnerships in science and technology clusters.

"At Zentiva, we put a lot of focus in the support of young people. We do that through our internships we offer and our partnerships with high schools and universities. It is difficult to decide for the first job or the right pathway in education and here we can help with our experience. Young people can learn from our insights and we can learn from them as well. Thanks to the membership in the Alliance for Youth, we now have the opportunity to extend our efforts. We believe that we can bring the next generation motivation and inspiration for their career steps," explains Ines Windisch, Head of HR, Communication & Sustainability at Zentiva.

Digitization, cybersecurity and excursions

As part of the Big Step project, students will visit Zentiva's headquarters in Prague on November 24, where they will learn about the company's approach to digitization. A workshop on the topic of Key pillars for the digitalization of a company and How to protect digital tools and data from the ever-present risk in cyberspace. In the form of a case study, they will then explore the topic of how digitization can help in the area of the so-called data decision-making. They will also learn how Zentiva is strengthening its competitiveness through the digitization of drug development and where creative ideas and innovation are needed in this process for the value of the patients. At the end of the visit, they will also visit the research and development center, which is located in Prague.Those interested can apply to the program through the registration form.

"We see wonderful examples in Zentiva, where people started as interns or students in one of our programs, and a few years later holding responsible positions in our company. We are proud to have such a team with different life experiences bonded together by our mission to ensure the supply of high-quality, affordable medicines to the people who depend on our products every day. We invite everyone interested to join us with the Big Step project on November 24th and to look into our Talent Marketplace if any of our open positions is of interest.” adds Ines Windisch.

The goal of the Youth Alliance, which is a voluntary association of 64 companies operating in the Czech Republic in various sectors, is to support the education of young people, provide them with relevant career opportunities through various initiatives, and thus increase their employability on the labor market. One of the initiatives is the Big Step project, which this November will introduce them to four large companies – Zentiva, ČEZ, E.ON and Česká spořitelna.

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