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August 15, 2022    /    2022

Zentiva welcomed representatives of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade

On August 11, Nick Haggar, CEO of Zentiva, Pavel Šebek, Development Director, and Soňa Porubská, Head of Corporate Affairs, welcomed the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic doc. Ing. Marian Piecha, Ph.D. LLM and Eduard Muřický. 

They discussed many topics with them and during the meeting, Zentiva was presented as a major domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer and as a company focused on research and development in the field of value-added medicines. Furthermore, the discussion evolved around our contributions to the Czech economy, its sustainability, and responses to the energy and inflation crisis.

"Recent years have shown us how important a strong domestic pharmaceutical production is for the continuous supply of medicines to Czech citizens, whose health often depends on them. We are clearly aware of this importance and we have proven our ability to ensure the supply of medicines under all circumstances, especially in the last two pandemic years. It is this awareness that drives us forward in Zentiva. Currently, we deliver almost every fifth prescribed box of medicines to the Czech market," says Soňa Porubská, Head of Corporate Affairs.

It was an honour to have them at our offices and discuss the Czech Pharmaceutical Industry. It has become an important topic especially due to the ongoing Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the constant challenges it has faced over recent years such as the energy crisis.  

Deputy Minister Doc. Ing. Marian Piecha, Ph.D. LLM underlined: "The pharmaceutical industry is a strategic sector with high added value. We are very pleased that Zentiva is further developing its capacities for the production of pharmaceuticals in the Czech Republic, investing in research and development of value-added medicines, and fulfilling important EU documents – industrial and pharmaceutical strategy. The EU's self-sufficiency in key industrial sectors is currently our priority. "