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Zentiva Sustainability Podcast

January 24, 2024    /    2024

Meet the new Zentiva Sustainability Podcast!

Welcome to Zentiva Sustainability Podcast!

At Zentiva, we believe that each and every one of us can contribute to taking care of our planet and do what we can to protect it so that future generations can enjoy life as much as we do. We act today for a sustainable tomorrow continuously reducing our environmental impact and we are on our path to becoming carbon neutral in 2030. As part of our environmental pathway, we find it also important to educate and empower our associates and we warmly invite you to join us and follow our new initiative - the Zentiva Sustainability Podcast with a series of episodes where experts explain different areas of environmental protection!

Episode #7 About Fashion

Have you found you need a big wardrobe clear-out coming into the new year? Our latest episode explores the topic of responsible fashion and the dangers of fast fashion for our planet. With the fashion industry accounting for 10% of global carbon emissions, thinking about alternative choices we can all make is a great way to enter 2024.

We are joined by Javier Saborido from the NGO ONGD Madre Coraje. Javier answers questions on:

🔄 What practical steps can all of us as consumers take to help reduce fast fashion? 
🌍 How does the fashion industry need to transform for a sustainable future? 
📈 What recent trends in fashion may hold the answers for a zero-waste industry in the future?

The answers to all this and more are covered in our insightful interview with Javier below. 

Join us and discover ways to nurture our planet with Zentiva!



Episode #6 About Circular Economy

Every time we learn something new that can help our planet and how we can participate in it. Today in our Sustainability Podcast, we explore the Circular Economy, an approach for reducing waste and protecting the environment. With our guest Roman Gdovjak, Partner and Head of Consulting Operations at, you will learn:

🔄 What exactly is the Circular Economy and how it benefits the environment. 
Circular Economy as a global trend that is reshaping industries.
Which items can be given a second life.
🌱 How you, as an individual, can contribute to the Circular Economy and make a positive impact. 

Join us and learn how to take care of our planet with Zentiva! 




Episode #5 About Food Wasting

This time in our Sustainability Podcast, we will explore the topic of food wasting to contribute to the upcoming International Day of Food Loss and Waste which will be celebrated on September 29. In conversation with Anna Strejcová from the non-profit organization Zachraň jídlo ("Save the Food"), you will learn for example:

  • How food contributes to global CO2 emissions.
  • How much food goes to waste and how much money can a family save by adopting shopping habits.
  • How can you use new technologies to prevent food wasting.
  • Why is it important to pick up wonky, imperfect vegetable and fruits.

Learn to treat the natural resources better with Zentiva!




Episode #4 About City Gardens

The #EarthOvershootDay means that from tomorrow on, the resources humanity uses will exceed what Earth can regenerate this year. At Zentiva, we do what we can to help to shift the date later in the year and reverse the trend of exhausting our planet, that is why we bring awareness to this day. Aside from concrete sustainability actions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, we believe in awareness and the need to educate ourselves and others about which small actions we can take as individuals to contribute.

Our Sustainability Podcast is the result of that, and we bring you a new episode inspired by City Gardens projects. In this conversation with Luca Comino, Creative and Planning Director of I.E.S - Italian Enables of Sustainability we learn that these kinds of initiatives not only help to reduce the negative impact on the environment but also have a positive influence on well-being, reducing stress, improving mental health and enhancing the overall quality of life.

We invite you to join our Sustainability #podcast and learn about:

  • What is Biophilia and why is it important?
  • How we can help the environment in cities?
  • What is the social perspective of having nature in the cities?

Learn to take care of the environment with Zentiva!




Episode #3 About Waste

We are inviting you once again to join us on our Sustainability #podcast. The new episode is inspired by today´s #WorldRefillDay , which aims to reduce plastic waste. Zofia Maciejewicz, Head of Communication at Zentiva Poland talked with Julia Rokicka, co-founder and board member of the Polish Biorecycling Association, eco-educator, representative of Trash Hero Wrocław, and initiator of waste-collecting actions. What can you find out from our podcast?

  • How you can lead by example.
  • What environmental problems are caused by cigarette butts.
  • How you can become a Trash hero.




Episode #2: About Bees

We learned many interesting facts that we would like to share with you in the new episode of our Zentiva Sustainability Podcast, where Veronika Ocasio, Communications Specialist at Zentiva Czech Republic talked to Alexandra Harmon-Threatt, Associate Professor in the Department of Entomology at the University of Illinois and is currently a Fulbright Scholar at Charles University in Prague.
Tomorrow the world celebrates World Bee Day and inspired by this podcast, we should think about how to help restore more natural habitats for the bees!



Episode #1: About Trees

In this first episode, we went to Romania where we began planting trees four years ago. Ioana Lucescu, Communication Manager at Zentiva Romania talked with Mihai Zotta - Conservation Director at Conservation Carpathia Foundation, about reforestation teaching us more about deforestation and its effect on biodiversity and the planet.
Stay with us and learn how can we protect, preserve and contribute to keeping this natural ecological force.