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May 20, 2024    /    2024

Discover Biodiversity on Zentiva’s Sustainability Podcast!

Discover Biodiversity on Zentiva’s Sustainability Podcast!

At Zentiva, we believe that each and every one of us can contribute to taking care of our planet and do what we can to protect it so that future generations can enjoy life as much as we do. We act today for a sustainable tomorrow continuously reducing our environmental impact and we are on our path to becoming carbon neutral in 2030. As part of our environmental pathway, we find it also important to educate and empower our associates and we warmly invite you to join us and follow our new initiative - the Zentiva Sustainability Podcast with a series of episodes where experts explain different areas of environmental protection!

Episode #9 About Biodiversity

By sharing experiences and best practices from our partners, we aim to inspire you. This latest edition focuses on biodiversity.

In this episode, we welcome Vlastimil Karlík, expert from Arnika, a Czech non-profit organization. Their mission is to protect nature and a healthy environment for future generations, both at home and around the world.

🌱🌍 Why is biodiversity important? 
🌿♻️ What is the methodology of a product lifecycle assessment? 
🐝🌺 How can companies take practical steps to greener products?

This and more is discussed in the episode. 


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