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Critical Medicines Alliance

April 25, 2024    /    2024

Zentiva joins the Critical Medicines Alliance to enhance EU Medicine Supply

Brussels/Prague, April 25, 2024 – Zentiva, a Pan-European pharmaceutical company, joined the inaugural launch of the EU’s Critical Medicines Alliance, held on April 24-25 in Brussels. This significant event, organized by DG HERA and the Belgian Presidency, convened leaders from across the healthcare industry to address the challenges of medicine supply resilience in the European Union.

Zentiva’s CEO, Steffen Saltofte, and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry and Medicines for Europe, the Generics association, engaged with EU Health Ministers and discussed actionable strategies to enhance the availability and accessibility of critical medicines throughout Europe.

Steffen Saltofte: "Our participation in the Alliance underscores our commitment. Together, we need to ensure that essential medicines are accessible to all people who depend on them. As generic medicines represent 70% of treatment volume in Europe and constitute 9 out of 10 products on the critical medicines list, our role is crucial in maintaining the continuity of healthcare services across the continent."

DG HERA presented a Vulnerability Assessment performed on a tranche of 11 chosen critical medicines, selected from a broader list of over 200 critical medicines. Zentiva has seriously engaged in this assessment and believes it will be instrumental in addressing future medicine shortages. The discussion highlighted the need for increased manufacturing resilience.

Steffen Saltofte: "We believe that this assessment and our diligent efforts will lead to comprehensive solutions for shortages, support the European production of medicines, and ensure that the focus remains on substantive outcomes rather than merely increasing administrative burdens and regulations."

Discussions also covered strategies for preventing medicine shortages, enhancing EU manufacturing competitiveness, and ensuring equitable access across member states.

Zentiva shared insights from its extensive experience in producing high-quality and affordable medicines at its manufacturing sites in the Czech Republic and in Romania that are marketed in more than 30 countries. The team of 5.000 people is devoted to supporting the EU’s vision of building a robust and sustainable healthcare system, that ensures high-quality, accessible pharmaceutical solutions to all people who depend on them.  

About Zentiva

Zentiva is a Pan-European Company developing, manufacturing and providing high-quality and affordable medicines to more than 100 million people in Europe. Zentiva has 4 wholly owned manufacturing sites and a broad network of external manufacturing partners to ensure supply security. We offer solutions in key therapeutical areas like Cardiology & Circulation, Diabetes, Oncology, Respiratory, CNS, and focus on expanding our portfolio in self-care. The company is Private Equity owned, delivering sustainable double-digit growth, with an ambitious 5-year plan for further strong growth across Europe. 

We are a team of 5.000 unique talents bonded together by our responsibility to ensure the supply of high-quality and affordable medicines to people who depend on them every day. We want Zentiva to be a great place to work, where everyone feels welcomed and appreciated, and can be their authentic selves contributing to the best of their ability. We provide health and wellbeing to all generations. 

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