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World Energy Conservation Day

December 14, 2023    /    2023

World Energy Conservation Day- Zentiva's commitment to sustainability

Today is World Energy Conservation Day, and we are highlighting our mission to improve energy conservation and our commitment to energy efficiency. 
At Zentiva, our sustainability strategy is framed around 3 pillars: People, Partners and our Planet and is following the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). We are proud that all our European manufacturing sites are sourced by 100% renewables.  
As a leader in the pan-European pharmaceutical platform, Zentiva actively shares its experience and explores advancements in energy efficiency management through its participation in dedicated events.  
Recently, Dan Bandrabula, Energy & Technical Facilities Manager at Zentiva, presented Zentiva’s sustainable approach to our energy transition in front of a diverse audience of energy experts, scientists, public officials and business leaders brought together in frame of the “Energy Efficiency for Energy Transition” conference held in Bucharest. The conference aimed to share best practices in renewable energy sources projects and solutions for a better future by 2030. 
Advancing global sustainability efforts needs to be a collaborative mission across all industries. By adopting impactful sustainable practices, we are contributing to a better future for our planet, communities, and people. At Zentiva, each of us is dedicated to fostering a healthier future by ensuring a sustainable approach in everything we do — from the development to supply of high-quality and affordable medicines to those who depend on them every day”, emphasized Dan.  
Zentiva’s Engineering group constantly works in enhancing energy efficiency, achieving measurable progress in reducing carbon emissions. For example, in Romania since 2019, we have reduced the CO2 in more than 3 times: from 10,032  to 3,158 tons.   
Zentiva continues to allocate resources to its environmental initiatives, fostering active collaborations with partners, HCPs and specialized communities across Europe and beyond. 
We believe that by raising awareness and fostering synergies in the way we work,  we can empower global commitment to building a future that prioritizes energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. By acting today we are actively contributing to a better tomorrow for our planet.