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Pink at work

October 23, 2023    /    News


At Zentiva we stick to our commitment to breast cancer awareness, joining the Pink October movement every year. This annual initiative is a expression of our support for individuals battling breast cancer. We unite with a pink dress code and give our employees to prioritize self-care and preventive measures.

It's crucial to recognize that breast cancer accounts for a significant 12.5% of all new cancer cases worldwide, making it the most prevalent cancer globally. Early diagnosis is a key of successful treatment. Let's take active steps in caring for our health, never underestimating the importance of regular check-ups and preventive measures. Cancer can touch any one of us.

 Zentiva extends its reach to breast cancer patients across Europe by providing essential medications within our extensive oncology portfolio. These medications play a crucial role in addressing all stages of the disease. This October, we were honoured to support the inaugural oncology congress in Prague under the patronage of Zentiva Oncology. This event facilitated the exchange of valuable knowledge and experiences in breast and prostate cancer treatment.

We are committed to continuously contributed our portfolio, making cancer treatment accessible to a broader range of patients. Together, we can make a meaningful impact in the battle against breast cancer.