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Global Recycling Day

March 17, 2023    /    2023

Global Recycling Day - Acting today for a sustainable tomorrow

Acting today for a sustainable tomorrow

Today’s Global Recycling Day is a great reminder that recycling is a key component of reducing waste generation and cutting carbon emissions. That is why it is one of the focus areas of Zentiva’s strategy on waste management, based on our Reduce – Recycle – Prevent approach.

With a comprehensive waste management plan we are proud that in 2022 we have achieved a reduction of 12% of waste per Standard Manufacturing Unit (from 7,6 g in 2021 to 6,7 g). Industrial recycling projects are happening across the company and are playing an important role, like the partnership we have with CYRCL, a public waste management marketplace in Prague. Our Sustainability motto is “Acting today for a sustainable tomorrow” and we are sure that each of us can make a difference and be a #RecyclingHero by following basic rules in our professional and private lives. It is about proper waste sorting, using reusable refill cups and bottles, using cloth bags, avoiding disposable food and drink containers, trying to avoid buying non-recyclable materials that can’t be separated – every small action counts!

The vision of Zero waste can be achievable - with the right mindset, expertise, education and processes. With each green step, we are delivering on our environmental roadmap to become a carbon neutral company in Scope 1 and Scope 2 in 2030!

Act today for a sustainable tomorrow so that future generations can enjoy our planet as much as we do.

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