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October 19, 2020    /    2020

Zentiva reinforces its presence in Greece to better serve Greek people

PRAGUE – October 19, 2020: Zentiva reinforces its presence in Greece by signing a partnership with the company Lavipharm for representation, promotion, and distribution of its pharmaceutical products in Greece. With an established presence in Europe, Zentiva continues to strengthen its capabilities and service offering for people, by partnering with Lavipharm.

We are very proud to strengthen our presence in Greece where we want to play a key role by delivering more high-quality and affordable medicines that people depend on every day. Zentiva joined forces with Lavipharm to establish a ground presence in the country and strengthen Zentiva’s position in Europe.” said Xavier Lasserre, Head of Commercial, Zentiva. “Through this new partnership, we are convinced that the combination of our two businesses will bring value to patients in Greece.

Our cooperation with Zentiva, a leading generics company internationally, enhances even further our commercial presence in the therapeutic categories we traditionally operate with great success, such as in cardiology, the central nervous system and urology,” commented Panagiotis Giannouleas, Lavipharm’s COO and Country Manager. “Our corporate strengths and extensive product portfolios complement each other. Our dedicated teams are vigorously working together to build a strong partnership, leading us to better meet patient needs.

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Zentiva is a producer of high-quality affordable medicines serving patients in Europe and beyond. With a dedicated team of more than 4,500 people and a network of production sites - including flagship sites in Prague and Bucharest - Zentiva strives to be the champion of branded generic medicines and OTC products in Europe to better support people’s daily healthcare needs.
At Zentiva it is our aspiration that healthcare should be a right and not a privilege. More than ever, people need better access to high-quality affordable medicines and healthcare. We work in partnership with physicians, pharmacists, wholesalers, regulators, and governments to provide the everyday solutions that we all depend on.

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